Alexandra Zorbas, DPM

“1st Podopediatric conference, definitely not the last!”

Mitzi Williams, DPM

“Innovative topic, thanks!” (On Jason Miller, DPM)

Russell Volpe, DPM

“Real dedication to pediatric foot and ankle specialty care. The emphasis on content and quality is an example for other conferences.”

Anto Vincetic, DPM

“Thanks to all involved. One of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve attended”

Nguyen Van Dao, DPM

“What a great organization! The seminar was very educational. Thank you for spreading your passion of podopediatrics with us!”

Nguyen Van Dao, DPM

“Loved that a PT gave her insight on the subject”

Arianna Sabghir, DPM

“Excellent Presentation, entertaining and informative presenter” (On Patrick Agnew, DPM)

Andreanne Plasse, DPM

“Very nice, well organized, formation. Quality speakers! Thank you!”

Sandra Pensieri, DPM

“Great time and lectures, can’t wait till next year!”

Patricia Pendleton, DPM

“Wonderful! What a line up and a perfect time of year!”

Krysia Lepoer, DPM

“Looking forward to creating a more welcoming atmosphere for kids” (On Jason Kraus, DPM)

Barbara Lee, DPM

“Everyone is passionate about treating kids in this conference. Gives me motivation to focus more on peds”

L.D Hayes, DPM

“I was surprised at how much I did NOT know”

Edwin Harris, DPM

“Spot on!” (On Nicholas Bolognini, DPM)

Wika Gomez, DPM

“Another reason this is a really great conference is the size. The speakers actually have time to talk outside the lectures. I was able to meet many educators not from the mid-west and very thankful.”

Vicky Delisle, DPM

“He made us think and participate” (On Marc Benard, DPM)

Vicky Delisle, DPM

“You kept us listening to you by being captivating” (On Louis J. DeCaro, DPM)

Audrey Couture, DPM

“Thank you for the organization, see you next year!”

Layale Cherfan, DPM

“Very interesting conference, very qualified speakers. Thank you!”

Audree Quinn-Carignan, DPM

“It changed my vision of the equinus!”  (On Patrick DeHeer, DPM)