ACFAP April 9, 2016 Annual Conference at Yosemite National Park Schedule

7:00-7:40am Registration, Breakfast & Visit Exhibitors
7:40-7:50am Louis J. DeCaro DPM Welcome to the 2nd Annual ACFAP Seminar!
7:50-8:30am Louis J. DeCaro DPM The Education of Pediatric Podiatry
8:30-9:10am Doug Murdoch DPM Tarsal Coalitions & Richard Goad DPM
9:10-9:50am Stephen Silvani DPM Pediatric Flatfoot Surgery
9:50-10:20am Visit Exhibitors
10:20-11:00am Jeff Siegel DPM Met. Adductus& Clubfoot: Practical  approaches & tx. protocols
11:00-11:40am Ron Valmassy DPM Eval. & Tx. of Pediatric Hip Dysplasia
11:40-12:20pm Patrick Deheer DPM The role of Equinus in the Pediatric Flatfoot
12:20-1:15pm Lunch & Visit Exhibitors
1:15-1:55pm Onyx Reyes-Martinez MD The role of EOTTS in the treatment of RTTJD
1:55-2:35pm Russell Volpe DPM Torsion: Why it matters and how to manage it
2:35-3:15pm Patrick Agnew DPM Juvenile HAV & Collagen Diseases
3:15-4:00pm Break & Visit Exhibitors
4:00-4:40pm Larry Huppin DPM Practical Approaches & Troubleshooting of Orthotic Therapy
4:40-5:20pm Paul Scherer DPM Childhood Obesity and Hyper Mobile Flatfoot; a pathological relationship
5:20-6:00pm Nick Pagano DPM Podopediatric Sports Medicine